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Which company is the official operator?
Bluewater Express is operated and owned by Bistari Gemilang Travel Sdn Bhd and Bistari Gemilang Shipping Sdn Bhd only.
Who do I contact regarding lost property on a ferry?
Kindly email to us at [email protected] We will try our best to help you.
Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?
You can find our Fare Rules and Conditions here.
Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
You can find our Privacy Policy here.
How do I leave feedback?
We'd love to hear from you, the best way to give us feedback is via email, but if you'd like to phone us our contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.
Payment, confirmation email & refund
My payment has gone through, but I haven't received my confirmation email, where is it?
It's possible that your confirmation email has fallen into your junk box, so it's best to check there first. If you can't find it you can email to us and please attach along proof of payment that you have made. Occasionally a communication error can stop us getting a final confirmation of a booking from us, in these cases we need to check whether we have taken the booking or not.

If we have taken your booking we will send out a confirmation email to you, if we haven't taken your booking, and are unable to, we'll let you know and refund your payment straight away. It can take us to up to 48 hours to confirm the booking, however if your sailing time is within 48 hours we will send you an email to let you know about the issue and cancel the booking and refund you straight away so you can try to make another booking.
Why hasn't my payment gone through?
If you're having trouble making a payment while making your booking it may be a communication issue or an issue with your card. You can try again with the same card or using another payment method. If your card is still not being accepted you should contact your bank to check why.
Can I cancel my ferry booking and get a refund?
No, tickets sold are not refundable.
What if I bought tickets from agents?
You shall receive email from Bluewater regarding your booking confirmation.
Do I need to take a printed copy of my confirmation email with me to the ferry port?
No you don't need to print your confirmation email, please proceed to our ticket collection counter one (1) hour before your departure time. For those travelling from Teluk Gading (Tnajung Gemok) or Mersing, we will issue your tickets at the counter. But for those travelling from Pulau Tioman (one-way), you need to perform the online check-in and print the boarding pass / ticket for each passengers.
Can I amend my ferry booking?
This depends on the type of ticket you have booked, but in most cases you will be able to amend your booking and amendment can be made 3 days before the departure time. You can check your confirmation email to see if you are able to amend your booking.

Please be aware that in most cases there will be a fee charged for any amendments unless you have purchased our Free Cancellation Cover (Flexi Tickets).
I haven't received a confirmation email, now what?
Sometimes it has gotten lost in your junk / spam mail box. If your email address was wrong, could't find this in your mail box, or for some reason cannot log into your account, then please get in contact with us so we can resend you the confirmation email.
Check-in & boarding
When do I need to check in when traveling by ferry?
You may proceed to filling up the online check-in form as it will speed up the boarding pass collection process at the counter later. Next, you shall proceed to ticket collection counter 1 hour before departure. The counter closes 20 minutes before boarding. Since you already did the online check in part, no passport / ID is required. The ticketing counter is located at the unit W1 & W2, Mersing Harbour Centre, it's 100m walk from the departure ferry terminal or at Kaunter 3, Terminal Feri Tanjung Gemok if you're travveling from Teluk Gading (Tanjung Gemuk)
Where do I collect my boarding pass for my ferry and what document do I need to prepare?
Kindly proceed to our Ticket Collection Counter located at W1 & W2, Mersing Harbour Centre. It's 100m walk from the departure ferry terminal or at Kaunter 3, Terminal Feri Tanjung Gemok if you're travelling from Teluk Gading (Tanjung Gemok). We will ask you for these :
   1. Booking number
   2. All passengers IC / Passports
   3. Your drop off jetty
  • Genting
  • Paya
  • Tekek
  • ABC
  • Salang
Can I get on an earlier ferry crossing?
Depends on the availability of the seat, all you need to do is to buy a new ticket.
What if I'm late or likely to miss my ferry crossing?
Our ticket collection counter closes 30 mins before departure, if you miss your ferry you need to purchase a new ticket. If you bought a round trip ticket, your return ticket is still valid, so please don't forget to collect your ticket at the counter.
Do I need to pick up a boarding pass or ticket at the ferry port?
The boarding pass collection is compulsory as you may only board the ferry using the valid boarding passes issued from ticket collection counter.
Can I park my car at the port?
Yes there are few private car park nearby the jetty entrance.
Is there luggage storage on the ferry?
Yes, we do provide luggage storage onboard. Please do remember that Bluewater does not take any responsibility or liability for luggage that cannot guarantee its integrity by not being closed properly, found to be broken, for having broken locks, being at risk of accidental opening or loss of part of the content.
Where is the Bluewater ferry counter?
The ticketing counter is located at the unit W1 & W2, Mersing Harbour Centre. It's 100m walk from the departure ferry terminal or at Kaunter 3, Terminal Feri Tanjung Gemok if you're travelling from Teluk Gading (Tanjung Gemok).
If I lost my e-ticket e-mail, can i still collect my ticket?
Yes, you may proceed to our ticket collection counter us provide us the name for the person who made the booking / booking no and provide us proof of payment as well.
Do I need to fill up all the information needed when making an online check-in?
Yes, it is compulsory to give all passengers details as per form given.
How long is the journey from mersing to Tioman Island?
The ferry ride takes about two (2) hours ride from Mersing to Tioman Island. Please be aware that in Mersing sometimes low tide can affect the journey.
How many jetties is in Tioman Island and which jetty should I stop?
We're operating in 7 jetties in Tioman Island:
  • Genting
  • Paya
  • Tekek
  • ABC
  • Salang
  • Mukut
  • Juara
You also can check your resort / chalet address that you book in Tioman or contact them directly to confirm which jetty does the resort located.
How can I find directions to the ferry port?
You can find the address to the Passenger Jetty in your confirmation email as well as a link to Google Maps to help with directions. You can also have a look at the Contact Us page to find some more details about the port and the address. We have two jetty at different addresses, so make sure to check that you have the correct address for your ferry.

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